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Yeti Services is proud to provide a variety of communications services.

I know there are a lot of services available out there.  I now have the opportunity to offer you a varitey of services through Cognigen.  I actually bought stock in the company prior to joining it myself.  So, I am not only an agent, but also have been a stock holder.  I do use a long distance service myself.  I use Capsule Communications and also have a toll free number with them.  I also have sdsl service with Speakeasy.

All of my communication services can be found here.

Some of the services I have available are as follows:

One of the new items recently added is T1 dedicated access.  Check it out. There is also paging, dial-a-round, satellite TV, conference calling, cellular, home security and more. Check it out here.

Would you like to be an agent.  View our presentation and join our organization. Click Here!

A bit longer presentation is located here.  This presentation is about 2 minutes long.



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